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Elizabeth Shakman HurdPolitical Science: International relations; religion and politics; politics of secularism; law and religion; U.S. foreign relations; politics of the Middle East; methods in the study of religion and politics; contemporary religion; the politics of religious freedom. Co-organizer of the Luce Politics of Religion at Home and Abroad initiative. 

Brannon Ingram, Religious Studies: is a specialist in Islamic studies, with a particular interest in how Muslims have debated Sufism, Islamic law, and politics in the modern era. His first book, Revival from Below: The Deoband Movement and Global Islam, was published by the University of California Press in 2018.

Graduate Assistant

Gina Giliberti, Political Science


Loubna El AminePolitical Science: comparative political theory, Chinese political thought, Confucianism, multiculturalism

Erin Delaney, LawPolitical Science:  Comparative constitutional law, constitutional law, federalism, immigration law

Sean HanrettaHistory: Modern African intellectual and cultural history; historical theory and methodology; theories of historical evidence and in non-documentary forms of historical sources

Katherine HoffmanAnthropology: Language and expressive culture; ethnicity; indigenism; language ideologies; language shift and endangerment; gender, migration, rural-urban relations, French colonialism, Imazighen (Berbers), Morocco and North Africa, France

Anne JohGarrett: Transpacific decolonial studies, critical race, gender sexuality studies, war and militarism, political theory and affect studies, global capital, environmentalism and the global south

Darryl LiAnthropology, Law: Empire & colonialism; Migration & mobility; anthropology of law; universalisms; carcerality & captivity; war & political violence; transnational jihad movements; War on Terror; transregional connections between the Middle East, Balkans, South Asia

Andrew KoppelmanLaw: Conflicts of law; constitutional law; first amendment; law and religion

Christina LafontPhilosophydemocracy and citizen participation; global governance; human rights; religion and politics; contemporary moral and political philosophy

Robert LaunayAnthropology: The history and 'prehistory' of anthropological theory and its contemporary developments; the anthropology of scriptural religions with particular focus on Islam; the historical ethnography of West Africa

Henri LauziereHistory: Modern Middle East and North Africa; Islamic intellectual history; Salafism

Michael LoriauxPolitical Science: Critical Theory; International Theory; European Unification, Post-Nationhood

Wendell MarshHistory: Islam in Africa; African Intellectual History; Race and Religion in the Francophone World; Postcolonial Criticism

Mark McClishReligious Studies: Classical Hinduism, with a focus on early legal and political literature; religious, legal, and political themes in classical Sanskrit literature

Zekeria Ahmed SalemPolitical Science: Islam and Muslim politics in Africa, Islamic thought; Islam, race and ethnicity; social movements; bureaucratization; equality and citizenship; the state in Africa

Benjamin SchonthalReligious Studies: religion and law in South & Southeast Asia; intersections of Buddhism, law and politics; Buddhist law and legal institutions in contemporary and historical contexts; ‘Buddhist constitutionalism’ and comparative constitutional law; legal pluralism; method and theory in religious studies

Scott SowerbyHistory: Early modern Britain and Europe; comparative history and transnational issues, including religious toleration, state formation, and cosmopolitanism  

Lauren K StokesHistory: German history; international migration; race and religion in Europe; sexuality and gender identity; history of capitalism

Winnifred Fallers SullivanReligious Studies and Law: religion and Law in the US; method & theory in the study of religion; anthropology of law; church/state studies

Sarah McFarland TaylorReligious Studies and Environmental Policy and Culture: media, religion, and environment; religion and popular culture; sustainable media; climate change and public moral engagement, American consumerism; ecojustice; and the environmental humanities.

Jessica WinegarAnthropology: Sociocultural Anthropology; cultural politics and culture industries; material and visual culture; the culture concept; class, gender, intellectuals; Islam, Middle East and North Africa

Emrah YildizAnthropology: historiography and ethnography of borders and their states; ritual practice, visitation and pilgrimage in Islam; smuggling and contraband commerce in global political economy

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