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Activities and Programs

Global ‘Religion’: Invention, Translation, Critique

This symposium will focus on how the category of religion has been received, translated, criticized, and transformed beyond its European “homeland.” This is crucial for understanding how this category, with its contested and multivocal intonations and its porous and fluctuating boundaries, has become global, mobile, and multivocal. This occurred first under colonialism and subsequently through the flows of capital, in the media, via transnational religious authorities, racialized governance practices, and through international law. These flows are however not a series of one-way streets leading outwards from Europe or North America, though they are often treated as such.  

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Talking ‘Religion’: Publics, Politics and the Media

How can scholars and journalists doing cutting-edge work on religion, politics, and public life communicate their findings to, and learn from, each other? How can they communicate their work and its insights to public audiences in a way that is accessible and appealing without sacrificing nuance and complexity? 

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Politics of Religion at Home and Abroad

Politics of Religion at Home and Abroad is a three-year research project (2016-2019) funded by the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion in International Affairs. It examines the particular complex of religion, law, and politics at the dynamic pivot between the domestic and the foreign in a time when the political role of religion is under renewed scrutiny and the nature and the role of the nation-state is under revision. The project aims to better understand the phenomenology of this hybrid political/legal/religious space and the symbiotic relation between US domestic and foreign policy, past and present, with regard to religion and religious governance.

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Teaching Law and Religion Case Study Archive

The Teaching Law & Religion Case Study Archive is a new digital repository providing legal documents, analyses, and teaching resources for teaching religion and law curated by Beth Hurd and Winni Sullivan. 

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